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Our Vision

“To serve all with loving kindness, wisdom and humility for a better society. “

SmS India Foundation, established in 2015, is a non-profit making organization that is committed to serving the mankind in ways that lead an individual to reach his or her highest potential and live a life full of joy, bliss, peace, adequacy and self-evolution. SmS India draws its inspiration from SmS UK which was founded in 2002 and was registered as a Charity in 2004.

Vedic sciences carry wisdom which is applicable beyond age and time. We aim at helping people work towards their inner- transformation through different Vedic sciences such as different forms of Yoga – for beginners and advanced practitioners, Ayurveda and Jyotish. Our workshops for schools have been especially designed for students and teachers to develop their inner potential with the help of experiential exercises, keeping the principles of Vedic sciences in mind.



SmS India helps you revisit yogic techniques aimed at helping you to purify and balance the body and mind. A planned regime of Yogasanas, Pranayama  (breathing techniques), Mudras and Meditations has been built as part of our curriculum to empower you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and regular yoga practice. We have varied forms of Yoga for both beginner and advanced level practitioners, such as Kriya Yoga, Swara Yoga, Prana Vidya etc



Like yoga & meditation, Ayurveda (“science of life”) and its application is also a key part of our retreats and services. We provide individual consultations and treatments tailored to your constitution to balance the three bio-energies or doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Balancing these doshas leads to a healthy and disease-free body.

<strong>Jyotish & Vastu</strong>

Jyotish & Vastu

Another important tool for self transformation in Vedic sciences is Jyotish Vidya & Vaastu. SmS India holds workshops in the area of Jyotish to help people learn this science, beyond its predictive ability, for self- transformation. Please watch out our calendar for more details.

<strong>Social Welfare</strong>

Social Welfare

In our constant bid to stay committed and work for all strata of society, SmS India tries to do its bit by bringing gender empowerment and socio-economic development opportunities to the underprivileged women and children who face unequal opportunities. Through collaboration with various organizations, we have undertaken various projects in the local Uttarakhand regions, such as running computer literacy classes for children and young adults, or stitching and embroidery classes for women.
With your cooperation, we plan to get involved in many more projects aiming at economic and social independence of women and children.

Our Services

Our Services are aimed at enabling the individual to lead a healthy, fulfilling and enriching life that is free from stress, disease, incapability and laced with a healthy mind and body. You can  explore service(s) of your liking from an array of services being provided by us and contact us  to know more. Each service is aimed at helping you to work towards your self- development through the Vedic Science in which it is rooted.  

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Our Team

Dr. Indira Anand  (Founder, Director)
Bhawna Bagga (Co-Founder, Director)
Aadesh Poddar (Director)
Bani Wahi (Director)
Rashmi Malhotra (Director)
Dr. Indira Anand  (Founder, Director)

Dr. Indira Anand (Founder, Director)

Dr. Indira Anand is a well-known Ayurvedic practitioner, offering consultations for a healthy living, Ayurvedic detoxification programmmes, techniques for Pain Management, Anxiety and other health conditions. Dr. Anand is a qualified teacher of yoga, trained at the prestigious Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, under the guidance of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. She has been teaching yoga for charity since 1995. She holds yoga retreats every summer at her Yoga Retreat Centre in France. Dr. Anand is the Chair of British Association of Accredited Ayurvedic Practitioners and of the registered charity, SmS UK. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics and retired as a Director of Merrill Lynch. Away from the demands of her work, she enjoys playing the sitar and writing poetry, and has several publications to her name.

Bhawna Bagga (Co-Founder, Director)

Bhawna Bagga (Co-Founder, Director)

An established Financial Consultant for an Auto Ancilliary Manufacturing Company, Bhawna always possessed a keen interest in spirituality and charity work. Known for her ability to reach out to and connect with people, Bhawna has been aspiring to make yoga and ayurvedic sciences accessible to the common man for a long time and found a perfect foil in SmS UK’s intention to bring the 20-year old retreat to India in 2015. Also an astrologer, Bhawna is currently involved in running the SmS’s community welfare project at Tehri, Chamba District (Uttarakhand).

Aadesh Poddar (Director)

Aadesh Poddar (Director)

Aadesh, who was a successful entrepreneur for about 25 years, gave wings to her spiritual quest when she started dabbling with Vaastu and other Vedic sciences. Having been an active member of the Rotary Club, Aadesh always gave community and charity services top priority and worked with many organisations like Akshay Pratisthan, Mata Amrit Anandamayi Math and is following in the footsteps of Swami Niranjanananda Sarawati. She has been an avid reader of Indian Mythology, Kabira and Upanishads, and feels that the ancient knowledge and Vedic Sciences can go a long way in helping us lead a peaceful and joyful life. An accomplished poetess and orator, Aadesh is revered in her professional and social circles and is continuing to make key contributions to many other social service projects.

Bani Wahi (Director)

Bani Wahi (Director)

A psychologist, Bani has enjoyed working with children from under-privileged sections of the society providing them quality education. Being a strong member of the “Inner wheel group” of the Rotary Club, she has worked on projects involving schools from slums and ensuring that children going to these schools get quality education free of cost. An avid traveller, she enjoys exploring different aspects of the society and understanding the customs and culture of different places. She strongly believes that for a peaceful society, each individual needs to be peaceful internally.

Rashmi Malhotra (Director)

Rashmi Malhotra (Director)

With a Masters degree in Applied Psychology and a Masters in Education, Rashmi believes that to be able to reach out to anyone, it is important to understand their core and connect with their patterns and contours. Rashmi is an Extra Lesson practitioner, based on the philosophy of Anthroposophy and is currently  involved in running a centre for children in Gurugram. A seasoned Psychologist, Rashmi has also taught Psychology in many reputed schools and colleges of Delhi, like Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Springdales School and Vasant Valley, and SPM College. Always hungry for more and beyond, Rashmi is also training to be a Biography consultant. She has been working with various NGO’s and schools for past 14 years in the area of Life Skills, conducting life skills trainings and developing training manuals for life skills for different age-groups.


“A truly rejuvenating and invigorating experience! Thank you to Dr Indira Anand, Bhawna and the SMS team for a wonderful Yoga Retreat (Tehri 2017) with a full and balanced program including classical Yoga, a comprehensive introduction to Ayurveda, visits to the local social SMS project (to help women in the community) and enjoyable evening Kirtan. What a wonderful venue with stunning views, excellent accommodation, excellent food. An equal mix of Indian, British Indians and Europeans gave us an authentic experience with an interesting and diverse group of people, memories of which we will treasure. Eternal thanks. Namaste”


Melanie Orange, September’2017 Retreat

“I attended 7-day programme on Yoga and Meditation at Tehri Cub and Resorts, Tehri organised by SmS India Foundation. It was a wonderful experience attending Yoga & Meditation. I have learnt about Ayurveda specifically the doshas in the body, which I was not aware of till date. My wife and daughter also attended and express their gratitude to the organizing team, who looked after us so well.A special thanks to Bhavnaji who had been taking care of everyone personally so well.”


Col. (Retd.) Devendra Singh, September’2017 Retreat

“I am not new to meditation so I knew what all I could get from the retreat but I got much more than what I anticipated. The meditations were beautiful…very deep and relaxing.  The organizers and instructor took great care in creating our itinerary, our food and the series of sessions. For me, the highlight of the retreat was the ‘Tratak meditation’ that really opened me up to creativity, calmness, helped me to explore new opportunities in life and filled me with clarity, light and positivity.”


Sangeeta, Investment Bank Executive, Hyderabad

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