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Workshops For Schools

In present times, change is the key word that defines our society. Everything seems to be changing so fast that it is difficult for us to cope with it. The interesting paradox is, that even with so many changes, the fundamentals are still the same.

The idea is to prepare our students to not only deal with what they face, rather determine the change by building a strong foundation. Our workshops for schools aim at empowering students and teachers with skills and attitude required to make healthy choices while looking at the larger picture. They provide experiential knowledge to live a healthy life with a healthy body and mind.

All these workshops can be designed and timed according to the needs of the students and teachers of an educational institution.

  • Realizing your inner potential (for adolescents, especially 13-17 yrs old)

This is a one week residential course which aims at helping adolescents realize their inner potential and set the path for a healthy, empowered life. The course includes activities, discussions and experiential exercises based on topics such as self awareness, choosing the right path, communication skills, dealing with highs and lows of life and stress management. The course is very beneficial for all students.

  • Developing leadership skills ( for adolescents, especially student council team)

This is a five day residential course aiming at developing leadership skills in students. The course acts as a window to understanding qualities of a true leader, different leadership styles, setting up goals and targets, working with the team, communication skills, values and dealing with stressful situations. The students in the student council should attend this programme to be able to optimize their potential. They can also act as peer educators for other students in the school helping them go beyond their limits.

  • Enhancing Teacher- Student Relationship (for teachers, B.Ed. & B.El.Ed. students )

A “guru” is the one who dispels darkness. In modern times, the role of a teacher is different than the role envisaged in ancient times. The teacher’s bond with the students is unique, special and can be said to be almost ‘karmic’. The teacher’s relationship with the child changes as the child grows, from being like a mother to loving authority in later years. Apart from curricular goals, the child’s emotional, social and physical needs are also required to be understood and met. Schooling of the deeds, emotions and thoughts are an integral part of educating the child. The training intends to help the teacher to understand the finer nuances of human child from different perspectives and integrate and apply this understanding in the classroom.

  • Empowering Teachers to be Health Educators & Counsellors (For teachers, B.Ed. & B.El.Ed. students)

Health is fundamental to our living. We tend to stress only on physical health and find it difficult to understand how intricately it is connected to our mental and emotional health. In ancient India, the Sanskrit word used for health was “Swasthya” which means to be well-established within your self. To be healthy, all these three human capacities- physical, mental and emotional have to be in a state of balance and joy along with consistent functioning of the processes in our selves. This 3 to 5 – day workshop intends to provide you an understanding of physical, sexual, social, emotional and mental health. It helps you realise the importance of each dimension and their interrelatedness in being healthy. The workshop aims at empowering teachers to integrate the “holistic” concept of health in the curriculum and equipping them with the necessary resources and activities required for integration of the concept of health within the curriculum.



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