Swanubhuti : Retreats on ‘Inner Transformation’ in 2020

SmS India foundation brings their annual retreats in a completely new ‘avatar’ aiming at creating awareness and well-being of the individual. These retreats are aimed at rejuvenating your mind, body and soul, in the rich and diverse beauty of the Himalayas.


A normal day at the retreat would entail starting your day with Meditation, Cleansing Routine, Practise of Yoga followed by daily workshops on different areas of ‘Self Management’ through Guided Self reflection and Vedic Sciences, Biography, Creative spaces, Yoga Nidra, Preventive Healthcare with Ayurveda, Pranayam, Mudras and Bandhas. The day is closed by experiencing the divine through music with Sankirtan and Chanting.

This year we introduce nature walks and interactions with the nature offering for a mystical quality – within and without. It becomes imperative especially when you’re looking at some of the tallest and most mystical mountains on the planet. Easy to see why when ancient Indian Rishis came upon these they agreed that the gods must live on their summit.

We also have individually designed Ayurvedic treatments and massages such as kati basti for back problems, janu bast for stiff painful knees, greeva basti for cervical problems, Ayurvedic head massage, foot massage and full body massage etc., provided by specialised Ayurvedacharyas, which can be experienced by you, only on prior booking. The treatments are charged separately and provided only on individual requests.

You can relax and rejuvenate yourself completely as we take you through the journey of inner transformation.

Our faculty: 

Our faculty, which includes SMS’s directors, are well-experienced teachers who bring you authentic knowledge from different streams. We also help you apply and improve the quality of your life, as an individual.

Who should join the retreat?
Any individual interested in

  • their self development and exploring their inner space
  • living life with greater energy and feeling of overall wellbeing
  • living their daily life more effectively by managing stress
  • being more aware and in-tune with their inner self
  • having an overview of the yogic and other philosophies of life


Dates for this year’s retreats are:

May 18th – 24th

We provide you stay in luxurious rooms on twin sharing basis (request for individual rooms can be under special circumstances), with all the amenities for comfortable living. You can check the pictures in the gallery.

Our food is home-cooked and wholesome, made with the finest organic and locally-sourced ingredients. From ethnic cuisine, vegetarian, to simple home cooked dishes, our culinary artists bring forth the essential elements of taste and healthful goodness for you to savour and get a taste of regional cuisine.

Cost of the retreat: Rs. 20,000 (all inclusive).

We can provide you transport from airport and station to the retreat, only on prior booking, at an additional cost.

For further information or registration, please contact us at info.smsindifoundation@gmail.com or call us on +91 9899967826