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Jyotish And Vastu

Understanding “Self” through the stars – An Introduction to Jyotish Vidya

Understanding “Self” through the stars – Introduction to Jyotish Vidya, is a 7- day course on Vedic Jyotish that aims to give participants a peek into understanding of Jyotish and its role in one’s day-to-day life. Jyotish Vidya, sadly, has only been seen as a predictive science, while the sole purpose of this divine science was to help the person pave his way towards enlightenment by understanding the self & destiny- the divine blueprint.

The course imbibes a detailed study of Vedic texts like Brhat Parashar Hora Shastra, Tantra Darshan and the revered Bhagwad Gita to help the participants apply the principles of ancient wisdom to the astrological study of stars, planets and time. With this understanding of stars, participants will be able to take home a better understanding of life, events and the attitude they possess, so as to enable an enriched life filled with wisdom and conscious awareness.

The course dates will be announced soon. If you are interested, please contact us

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